As part of my journey back to creative expression and as a result of inspiration received from Karen Wallis at the Holborne Museum in Bath, I have decided to make a daily drawing in a special sketchbook and will post it here. The purpose? To find my artistic voice and to discover what really matters to me. This may sound a strange reason, but after years of people pleasing this will be a journey back to dicover how I relate to the world, rather than how I fit in – it will be a mindfulness artistic endeavour which I will continue to do for at least a year, if not more. The rules I make for myself are one drawing a day to be posted on this blog, the drawing can be in any media of my choosing and I must draw something that connects to me in some way and not what I think other people will want to see. Also I must post the work no matter how bad I might think it is! There may be times when I wont be able to get to the computer to post pictures but I will continue to draw each day and post them as soon as I can, hopefully those events will be few and far between.

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